Introducing sibling trio Band of Silver

Nashville-based trio, Band of Silver is comprised of siblings Avery Silvernagel (vocals), Alex Silvernagel (guitar and vocals), and Evan Silvernagel (drums). The trio released their debut EP, Always, back in December and have just released another single recently. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to interview them to get to know more about it.

Credits: Lindsey Byrnes

Their latest single, Caught in the Headlights, was produced by Mike Green, who is known for his work with Paramore and All Time Low. The pop-rock band described the single in five words; big, choral, rhythmic, fearful and hopeful! “I knew I wanted to keep pursuing my dream as an artist, but a lot of things were changing in my life,” explained the trio. “And at the time I didn’t know if it was for better or worse. All I knew was where I wanted to end up, and it made me realize there was no clear cut path to getting there.”

Credits: Lindsey Byrnes

The band was recently announced to perform for Jake Miller’s upcoming tour in September. It has been some time since they got on stage; two years to be exact! I’m sure you can expect a ton of energy and excitement from them!

Besides being busy preparing for their upcoming performance, the trio has been spending their time writing and producing songs. Lucky fans who are attending Miller’s tour will be one of the first to listen to the new releases.

It looks set to be a busy year for the trio as we can anticipate more new releases from them. Stay up to date with the band by visiting their website and following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Avery Silvernagel, Alex Silvernagel, and Evan Silvernagel from Band of Silver for the interview and Big Picture Media for coordinating the interview!

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