Get Your Meal Prep Fix from the Yummy Bros

Exercising alone without taking care of your diet is like sabotaging your exercise efforts. I am sure you have heard about this; 80% diet and 20% exercise. However, it is difficult to stick to a diet because you need the discipline and time. We always use the excuse that we have limited time to prepare our meals. Today, I am going to share with you a local business that focused on a healthy meal prep that might be able to solve your problem!

Credits: Yummy Bros

Launched on 1st April 2018, Yummy Bros has been specializing in preparing healthy meal. Started out as a home based business, Yummy Bros now operates at a central kitchen. Currently, they are not Halal certified but their menu contains no pork, lard and alcohol. Good news for our Muslims’ friends, Yummy Bros is in the midst of applying for Halal certification.

So what sets Yummy Bros apart from other meal preps in Singapore?

 Credits: Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros focused on re-inventing Asian dishes that is high in protein and controlled in calories which means you still can get to eat your favourite food such as Satay, Sambal Fish, Chicken Bulgogi and Mala Chicken without feeling guilty. Their best sellers meals are Zesty Chicken, Yummy Sambal Fish, Yummy Chicken Bulgogi, Yummy Kopi Chicken, and Roasty Chicken Pasta. Now, who says you need to eat bland food to stay healthy? Most of the meal prep in Singapore are based on subscription however, for Yummy Bros, it is on a pre-order basis. Another factor which makes us think twice of ordering meal prep would be the price. Not to worry, the cheapest meal cost only $6.50 and delivery only cost you $3.

Thinking of starting your healthy journey but unsure where to start?


Anson Lim and Gerald Tan, founders of Yummy Bros  Credits: Yummy Bros

We got Gerald Tan, CEO and founder of Yummy Bros to guide us! According to Tan, here are some ways to get started. First and foremost, you need to define your dieting goals. Ask yourself if you want to either want to lose weight or build muscle mass. Once you know what is your goal, then it is time for you to know how many calories you used in a day. To do so, you can just search for an online TDEE calculator on search engines. However, Tan revealed that it is not the the most accurate way to find your total daily energy expenditure because it does not account for a lot of other factors.

Once you have all the details above, then it is time for you to search for the nutritious food to accompany your fitness journey which is to order from Yummy Bros. “The concept beside weight loss and building muscle is very simple. If you want to lose weight and burn off fat, you need to be consuming less calories than you use each day. If you want to build muscle, you need to consume as many calories or slightly more than you use each day. Either way, it is important to maintain an adequate amount of protein intake each day – i.e. 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day,” explained Tan. A lot of calculations involved but not to worry, on Yummy Bros’ website, there is a macro calculator and weekly meal planner which will enable you to calculate the total calories and protein of the meals.

With all the information provided above, I am sure now, you and I, have a clearer understanding of how to start our journey of eating healthy. Head over to Yummy Bros’ website now to place your orders! Stay connected to their social medias; Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Gerald Tan for taking time for the interview!

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