Panic Love: Opera about Social Distancing

The red shirt roaming around crowded places is such a norm now. Yes, I am talking about the social distancing enforcement officers who are always on the look out for those who do not comply with the rules. Just like any job, everyone faces challenges in carrying out their duties. So let’s take a look at the character Mariam, played by soprano Wong Yong En, who stars in Panic Love – Singapore’s opera about social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic which infuses poetry, a cappella and opera into one.


Directed by veteran thespian Nora Samosir, the opera features libretto by poet Felix Cheong and music by composer Chen Zhangyi, the 22-minute music video sees Mariam doing her daily job; keeping people one meter apart from each other and ensuring that they wear their masks. This unfortunately took a turn when applied to herself. She was unable to visit her dying mother, played by soprano Ng Jingyun, in a nursing home.

So how did Mariam take it in her stride? It’s a countdown to January 31 to find out how Mariam reacts after the rules was applied to her. The video will be released via Facebook Live on January 31 at 8pm.

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