Film Review: Angel Has Fallen

The explosive and action drama at the White House is back with Angel Has Fallen! The suspenseful film directed by Ric Roman Waugh is the continuation of the events that were reflected in the assignation attempts of world leaders including President of the United States in London Has Fallen in 2016.

Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, a United States Secret Service agent who worked closely with current President of the United States, Allan Trumbull played by Morgan Freeman. Angel Has Fallen follows Mike’s efforts in figuring out the truth when he was framed for the planned assignation attempt on Allan, who was on a fishing trip outside of the city. A series of events sparked chaos in the city when the police, FBI and the secret service were activated when Mike was listed as the most wanted criminal in the country.

As the third installment of the film franchise, it clearly showcased the chemistry between the two lead characters as they mature. This is particularly depicted by the relationship between the President and his personal agent known as the Secret Service. Mike who was been under the employment of the White House for a very long time, spoke openly with the President. Sarcastic flattery in their communication is showcased throughout the movie. The thrilling fighting and explosive scenes were impactful.

It was certainly an enjoyable film, be it for those who has watched the first two movie or watching the movie for the first time.  Also, if you are a big fan of Gerard Butler, this movie is a MUST watch. Head over to the nearest cinema now to catch Angel Has Fallen!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Encore Films for the invitation!


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