22 Twenty Two Plus – Eric Chou Singapore concert Review

9th June was an unforgettable day as Eric Chou brought his new concert 22 Twenty Two Plus to Singapore. Chou is no stranger to Singapore, and having been to all of his previous concerts and showcases in Singapore, it is really touching to see how far he has come since his last concert here.

Credits: UnUsUal Limited

Chou started off his concert with Without Her, from his latest album The Chaos After You. Chou attempted dancing for the first time specially for his fans and it was a special treat for the fans to see him work hard at performing a dance.

Credits: UnUsUal Limited

Chou also invited his brother Alex Chou, also a singer in Taiwan, to be his surprise guest during the concert. Alex’s appearance made the crowd go wild as he performed a rap.

Credits: UnUsUal Limited

Chou’s fanbase 小興星 had prepared a fan project for Chou when he perform 如果雨之后 from The Chaos After You, however, this is not the end. As the concert came to a close, the fanbase also prepared a surprise birthday project for him as his birthday is around the corner. This surprised Chou when he was about to start singing his final song. The surprise comprised of a birthday video, having fans all over the world wishing him a happy birthday, and a customised birthday cake just for him. Continuing on with a grateful heart, Chou sang 你好不好, gathering everyone to sing along with him.

Credits: UnUsUal Limited

Chou ended the night with an encore to put a final note to his concert. Overall, the concert was a memorable night filled with joy, amazing vocals and visuals. Being able to listen to all his famous songs such as 以后别做朋友你好不好想回到那一天 and many more live was a huge treat for the fans who had been waiting for him since his last concert in Singapore.

Credits: UnUsUal Limited

Furthermore, looking at the various fan projects that were being planned and done, it was very apparent to how thankful the fans were that Chou was back in Singapore.

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