Film Review: Zombie Fighters

Poj Arnon the director of Bangkok Love Story is back with his latest project, Zombie Fighters. The comedic-horor film stars young actors such as Puvadol Vechwongsa, Kunatip Pinpradab, Kittipat Samatrakulchai, Pasakorn Sanrattana, Worachai Sirikongsuwan, Bhevdol Vejvongsa, Chakrattrai Wang, Korakrit Laotrakul & Supakrit Thinjun.

A group of teenagers visited an abandon hospital in a remote town at the wee hours of the night. Being told by the authorities that his parents died at the hospital, Audy decided to visit the hospital. Audy and his friends went on a mission to uncover the mystery that surrounds his missing parents. However, when he was there, he realised that the building is infested with zombies. Thailand is now infected with an virus that eventually turns humans into zombies that lurks in the city.

Zombie Fighters has a very confusing storyline with numerous characters which does not sync well with the movie. Zombies were charging in different directions while the teenagers were searching for the trapped survivors in the morgue. The characters took too long to develop, making the movie a little draggy. Kudos to the special effects and the overall presentation of the zombies and the setting that makes the movie a little bit interesting. Just like any other Asian movie, there is always a lesson to be learnt, which is seen later as the movie builds up.

Stay till the end credits to witness a few reels that did not make the cut, it will tickle your funny bone! This movie is recommended if you are looking for inspiration for the upcoming Halloween which is happening in two months!

Catch Zombie Fighters from 17 August 2017!








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