Imagine Dragons EVOLVE World Tour in London

With their latest album EVOLVE due to be released on 23rd June, Imagine Dragons has already swept the music charts with three of their singles Believer, Thunder and Whatever It Takes. Their remarkable achievement also includes great hits like It’s Time, Radioactive and Demons. To celebrate the upcoming album release, Imagine Dragons has embarked on their world tour around cities to perform in front of fans from around the world. This June, they performed in The Roundhouse, London.

The concert was definitely a blast under the bright laser lights slicing through the indoor venue and close proximity to the band on stage. For the night, Saint Phnx was invited as the opening guest, followed shortly by Imagine Dragons kicking the main show off with Thunder, Gold, It’s Time and Whatever It Takes.

Personally, I felt that the compact and enclosed venue was a bonus to the performance. It brought the standing (and seated) audience much closer to the main stage and allowed the music to completely surround every single attendees. The energy emitted from the band also reached out to every fan in the venue as the standing audience were singing the lyrics out loud passionately for each song. During one of the interaction session with fans, Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons, also shared his joy of becoming a father on stage. His wife recently gave birth to a pair of twins.

The concert continued with Demons, Shots, I Bet My Life, On Top of the World and ended on a high note with Radioactive. Taking the center stage during the performance, Dan was engrossed in conveying the deeper emotions intended for each song through his vocals too.

Once inspired by his bandmate’s words,

“Don’t do music because you want to do music – do music if you have to do music”

Dan shared with the audience about the compromises he had to make for music, at times even sacrificing time with his family in order to refine the music he is producing. With this burning passion towards music, coupled with the talents in the band, it is no doubt that Imagine Dragons has made it thus far and become a role model of music inspiration and creativity in the industry.

Imagine Dragons’ full album EVOLVE is set to be released on 23rd June. Before that, here’s Whatever It Takes, their third single, from EVOLVE.

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