Malaysian Singer-Songwriter says it’s okay to call him Uncool

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, KUIZZ has worked with with multiple award winning artists such as Canadian Juno Award Winners; Mia Martina, Danny Fernandes & Kristinia Debarge to name a few.

Credits: KUIZZ’s Facebook Page

He first entered the music scene as a producer and songwriter and has achieved chart success in the last few years, with his writing gaining recognition in Canada and Japan. With his past successes and a dear friend’s encouragement, it is now time for him to shine as a solo artist. Last September, KUIZZ released his self produced and written EP, Till The End. 

Uncool was the fan favourite of his debut EP and is the second single released. The track has reached 10K plays on Spotify and it is not a surprise because when I first heard his single, I just had to replay it for more than just a few times. The first play was for the melody. The second time,  I was listening to each word that was being sung. I think this song will resonate to most of us because I am sure that there were times growing up when we felt like we are trying to find ways to be cool. KUIZZ shared that this song details his younger days as the unpopular new kid trying to find his way around being accepted by society but eventually came to terms that being labeled “uncool’ is not a bad thing afterall.

Hey, we are all born unique, what is the need to fit into society norms right? Hence, it is okay to be labelled uncool!

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