SonaOne has done it AGAIN!

Malaysian hip hop artiste, Sonaone is back with his latest single, Again. The last time we heard from the 28-year-old was when he collaborated with Malaysian artist, Yuna for the track, Pulang. Recently, he was the guest artiste in Singapore for Afgan’s concert at the Marina Bay Sands and for the Louis Vuitton pop-up launch with other local celebrities such as the Shigga Shay, Benjamin Kheng, Tabitha Nauser!

Mikael Adam Lozach or more popularly known as SonaOne was busy with the reality television show, The Ultimate Brocation, which aired last year on KIX HD on Singtel TV. The show  portrays four “bros” from four Asian countries, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. The five-part show was filmed in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong with loads of activities, culture and culinary experiences.

Again is a brand new track from his hip hop repertoire that was released on April 14. The track was remastered in by Chris Athens, a well known sound engineer who has worked with various artists such as Charlie Puth, Drake and more! It is refreshing upbeat song about love and relationships.

His subtle use of words expresses his strong feelings towards his love interest or perhaps a crush. It has a cheeky vibe with a touch of sophistication which reflects his personal style of musical expression. You will reflect back on the good old days when you were feeling shy thinking or talking about the person you adore. That was exactly what was going through my mind after hearing to the track numerous times!

If you are a fan of Sonaone’s music, this is definitely a track too add to your playlist. Sonaone’s brand new single, Again is available on Spotify and ITunes.

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