Falling Feathers to open for Before You Exit and perform “Why So Serious” live for the first time!

Falling Feathers, the buzz worthy pop artist is back with his sophomore single titled Why So Serious. The highly-anticipated single will be performed live for the first time during Falling Feathers’ opening set for Before You Exit’s concert at *SCAPE, The Tree Top (Level 5) this evening.

Falling Feathers wrote and co-produced Why So Serious together with Edric Hwang from GRYD and the track is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and other major digital platforms. In addition, an official music video produced by Falling Feathers with the help of video direction Jeremy Kieran (Jude Young, Narelle Kheng) will also be released on Falling Feathers’ official Youtube channel on 24th March 2017.

The upcoming music video not only showcases the artist’s capability to produce a music video, it also features an upbeat dance routine performed by the artist. “This song is all about letting loose and not taking every aspect of life too seriously. Sometimes we worry too much about the future and forget to enjoy the little things we have. Don’t be too serious! Just live and never stop dreaming!’ says Ong. Listen to the single on Spotify

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