Passenger strikes a chord with Singapore

Michael Rosenberg, more well known as Passenger, had his first ever solo concert in Singapore last Friday. This was after arriving from major Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul. The one night only concert was made possible by LAMC Productions.

The British singer-songwriter is known for his infamous smash hit, Let Her Go which has topped charts in numerous countries since its release in 2012 from his third album, All The Little Lights. Let Her Go has since went viral and is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube

Credits: LAMC Productions

  Credits: LAMC Productions
 The two hour gig was very intimate and raw, as he improvised some of the lyrics along the way to spice things up. He dictated about his fondest memories during his time busking along the streets of Europe and Australia after going solo in 2009. The highlight of the night was when he sang his famous hit, Let Her Go. The concert goers sang the familiar tune in harmony as he strummed his various guitars which he switched throughout the concert.
Rosenberg expressed his life journey of going against all odds through his raw and honest lyrics. He is a storyteller rather than a musician in his own expressive manner as he sang selected  tracks from his albums. The most meaningful track which kept replaying in my mind would have to be Travelling Alone from Whispers II, released in 2015. It tells the true story of a loving couple’s dream to explore the world after their children has grown older. The dream was not possible when the wife passed on, but the husband carried on with the adventure as a tribute. The song went on with a second part describing a bad breakup. The song allows you to reflect on your life choices and the courage it takes to overcome it in your own way.

Credits: LAMC Productions

The Star Theatre was full of cheers and humming throughout the concert and the man himself had definitely put up a memorable night for all. He announced that an upcoming album is coming out in September 2017, so keep an eye out for it!

Passenger has a massive collection of albums including his current released album, Young as the Morning Old as the Sea on Spotify!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank LAMC Productions for the invitation. 

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