Film Review: Sky on Fire

Ringo Lam’s latest action thriller film, Sky on Fire tells the story of a billion dollar corporation success of creating a cure for cancer using a medicinal treatment, X-stem cells. The latter tells a story about Dr.Pan, a scientist who was making a major medical breakthrough in cancer research. The film depicts him passing away in an accidental fire at the research centre which later turn out to be an intentional negligence act by somebody from the inside the laboratory.

At present day, the late Dr Pan’s successor, Dr. Gao played by Zhang Jingch and her husband Dr.Tong played by Fan Guangyao, who together run a leading pharmaceutical company Sky One. On the arrival day of the X-stem cells, the son of Dr. Pan, Ziwan played by Zhang Ruoyun hijacked the truck carrying the precious assets. Jia played by Joseph Chang, a man bound to desperation to find a cure for his sister Jen played by Amber Kuo who has been suffering from cancer. Chong played by Daniel Wu, who heads the security department for Sky One, who is stuck between company loyalty and doing the right thing.
The film boasts excellent fighting sequences with noteable actors such as Daniel Wu. The contrast between modernise Kowloon and the rural countryside of Hong Kong. As it has a futuristic setting, viewers were able to witness various skyscrapers across the city. The CG effects enhances it overall architectural design of the Sky One building. The high performance car chase as well as the death defying stunts was a plus point of the film.
On the other hand, the CG effects were not executed properly throughout the film. You will have to watch the film to understand. It looks unnatural all together with the stunts. The plot of the film did not flow well, confusing viewers with many questions left unanswered. The unexpected ending scene left viewers giggling in the cinema. I would give it a 2 out 5 stars.

Catch Sky on Fire from December 1 in the local cinemas. 

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