Solo Mission Not An Issue for Itano Tomomi

Fondly known as Tomochin to fans, Ex-AKB48 member Itano Tomomi was in town last Saturday for her first ever fan meeting and showcase in Singapore. Kicking off with her first debut song Dear J to a dedicated crowd at MILLIAN, fans were treated to a spread of over 12 tracks over the hour-long live such as 1%Crush, and Girls Do from her previous singles.

Credits: Japan Music Festival

Credits: Japan Music Festival

AKB48 fans who have waited a long time to see Tomomi perform in Singapore had their dreams come true that night. Tomomi got the crowd hyped up more than ever with a special AKB48 medley consisting of AKB48 hit songs such as Heavy Rotation and Ponytail to ShuShu.

Credits: Japan Music Festival

Credits: Japan Music Festival

During the fan meet, Tomomi explained that it had been three years since she has left idol group AKB48 and though it is tough transiting to a solo artist, it was a challenge that she wished to achieve. Also unknown to most fans, the petite singer revealed that she has visited Singapore for a holiday on five separate occasions. She shared her love for The Revenge of the Mummy ride at the Universal Studios Singapore (USS) which is only available in Singapore. Other than the ride, Tomomi loves the night view of Singapore during her visit to USS. Questions gathered from the Japan Music Festival Facebook page were also presented to Tomomi as part of a Q&A session where fans got to know that she watched The Walking Dead during her off days and her favourite character in the One Piece anime is Zorro.

Credits: Japan Music Festival

Credits: Japan Music Festival

She ended the night with Come Party! but reappeared once again in a shimmery maroon and azure party dress during the encore for her song Fui Ni. As a final gift to the fans for the night, Tomomi sang Watashi no ONLY ONE, a track from her upcoming album Get Ready which will be released on November 2nd. Loosely translated as My Only One, the song contains sentimental lyrics which Tomomi hopes will inspire and motivate anyone who listens to it.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Japan Music Festival for inviting us to Itano Tomomi Fanmeeting and Showcase in Singapore.

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