Sparkling 60th BFI London Film Festival has begun!

Last weekend, the world’s best new films weew released in theatres all over London. Indeed, it’s time again to welcome the 60th BFI London Film Festival 2016!

From 5th to 16th October, audience can purchase tickets on the day itself to catch the newly release films. Each night, a different theme is planned to engage audience, ranging from: Love, Laugh, Dare and Thrill to Education, Family and Journey. With a total of over 200 films and short films from different nations, BFI London Film Festival is definitely a feast for movie-goers to immerse in the beauty of motion pictures.

Credits: BFI London Film Festival

As with the release of a new film, each gala night is accompanies with a star-studded movie premiere to celebrate the event. While stars get to step up on stage to share their hardwork and joy, fans are definitely going wild on the red carpet to meet their stars in person.


BFI London Film Festival held its Opening Night Gala with A United Kingdom on 5th October. The movie relates of a true story in which Sir Seretse Khama, then Prince of Botswana, fell for Ruth Williams, an English clerk.

Due to differences in status, nationality, family background, it was inevitable that the couple met with much difficulties before they could be together. Historically, Sir Khama founded the Botswana Democratic Party in 1962 and became the first Prime Minister in 1965 after the country gained independence. Lady Khama stayed strong beside Sir Khama and was conferred as the inaugural First Lady of Botswana.

This biographical romantic film got together David Oyelowo (playing Sir Seretse Khama) and Rosamund Pike (playing Ruth Williams) under the lead of Director Amma Asante of Belle (2013).

Tom Felton, Jack Davenport, Jessica Oyelowo and others were present that evening to spark off BFI London Film Festival 2016 too.

As the film festival continues till 16th Oct, one can visit the BFI London Film Festival website for more information on schedules and ticket availability.

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