The Veronicas: We feel like we’ve really connected on a soul level with Singapore!

How has the sound of The Veronicas changed now that they have been in the scene for 12 years?

The duo explained how they find a new sense of empowerment in themselves with each record and year that goes by. As people, they are constantly evolving and changing so naturally that comes across to their music as well.

Speaking about their new record, they described it to be a departure from their previous three albums and that it is authentically who The Veronicas are at the very moment. Looking at releasing the new album early next year, they described it as being very emotive and hypnotic, a progression from the theme of teen’s angst that dominated their older songs. They feel that they are now able to express themselves a lot better and in a more complex fashion, being confident enough to be vulnerable and to show that side of themselves.
On their experience with charities, the duo try to give back to society as much as they can. They are actively involved with many different wildlife and environmental organisations such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Starlight Foundation and have also done a lot of work with the late Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors.
Credits: The Veronicas

Credits: The Veronicas

In fact it was at one of these organisations, SWARA, where they started off performing at when they were just 15 years old. The organisation takes care of the physically and mentally disabled who are unable to be employed and provide them with a wide range of learning and life support skills. The twins talked about the founders of the organisation who happen to be twins as well and how growing up with these women as their role models has given them ‘humanitarian hearts’ and made them want to make a difference and to help and give when they can. Personally, they are the happiest when they can make someone feel happy and find it to be really cool to be able to use their music as a platform to promote these efforts.
Credits: Dawn Chua

Credits: Dawn Chua

 On their favourite thing in Singapore, the twins echoed their sentiments about how the weather is perfect and feels like how it is in Brisbane, where they are from. While the weather may be the last thing on our minds, for them, the humidity and heat makes it feel like a vacation. They talked about how they loved walking through Chinatown and made so many friends who were such sweet souls. They also shared their unique experience where they visited an antique shop which was owned by three generations and how they were invited to their back room to have tea, which ended up lasting for an hour and a half. ‘We feel like we’ve really connected on a soul level with Singapore,’ quipped the duo about their trip.
The Fifth Parlour would like to thank The Veronicas for the interview and Sony Music Singapore for coordinating the interview.

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