The Girl On The Train World Premiere in London

Continuing the recent craze for thrillers since the release of Train to Busan, movie-goers in Singapore will soon be treated to another heart-racing movie, The Girl On The Train, involving the mystery of a missing woman.

Credits: DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment and Universal Pictures

Starring Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux and Luke Evans, this movie is based on a 2015 bestseller novel by Paula Hawkins. Prior to the film adaption, the novel of the same name debutted #1 on New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 in Feb 2015 for 13 consecutive weeks.

While the movie is set to release on October 6 in Singapore, the movie held its world premiere in London yesterday. To match the story setting, the usual red carpet was replaced with train tracks and platforms.

Lead cast members were present at the premiere. Emily Blunt graced the event in a sparkling floral gown by Alexander McQueen. With her stunning appearance and radiant smile, it seems unbelievable that she has just given birth to her second child just three months ago!

Luke Evans also greeted the crowd warmly as he stopped for interviews and autographs. In the movie, Evans played Scott Hipwell, the husband of Megan Hipwell who went missing. During the premiere, Evans was definitely in a good mood to be back in London as he began singing to the background music, Rolling in the Deep.

Director Tate Taylor was also present at the event and appraised Blunt of her acting and professionalism. He shared that prior to filming, Blunt was pregnant yet ironically played the role of an alcoholic divorcee Rachel Watson, a role which was physically and emotionally tiring. During her interview stage, Blunt also joked that her weary look on set may have been largely attributed to morning sickness.

Be sure to catch The Girl On The Train in theatres from October 6 Oct!

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