Introducing Sonny Mackenzi with her debut single, New Crush

Since the age of three, this lady has dreamt of exactly three things – to sing, to write and to perform. And dreams do come true for Sonny Mackenzi who has just released a new video for her debut single, New Crush. 

Co-written by Hot Chelle Rae’s Nash Overstreet and Kiana Brown, star of MTV’s Scream, New Crush was produced in Los Angeles by Craig King (Kanye West, Ludacris). Listening to the song, you will get to hear the 90’s pop which is what Mackenzi’s love. “It is super upbeat and the story is about that feeling of new love and the high you get when you are totally falling for someone. When you are first really crushing on a person, you feel like you can literally conquer the world, and that is the feeling this song embodies,” explained Mackenzi of her new single. I am sure everyone can relate to this!

Credits: Big Picture Media

Mackenzi aims to deliver a truthful and positive message via her music. Knowing that her fans are young, she believes it is her responsibility to put out messages of self-love and empowerment and hopes that her journey helps inspire people to be who they are instead of who others think they should to be.   “I want my fans to know that they can attain the things they want without sacrificing their core beliefs and morals,” said Mackenzi.

Before going into the singing industry, Mackenzi had a successful career as a fashion model. Growing up with sisters who were in the industry, it is natural for her to follow their steps. However, modelling was not so much of a passion compared to music. But modelling has helped her with the ability to be confident in front of new people and the ability to face rejection and criticism since she had to go through lots of auditions and castings calls during her modelling days.
You think this is it for this lady. Just so you know, she is a novelist too! She write novels in her spare time and she is already on her second.

Credits: Big Picture Media

Being so beautiful and talented, Mackenzi has her own girl crush and it is non other than Selena Gomez who she described as not only beautiful but very intelligent.  “Her style is always on point and I love how much she loves her fans,” said Mackenzi.
Want to catch her on her next gig?
Mackenzi will be appearing on The Callenwolde Fine Arts Center on September 10 in Atlanta with one her favourite artistes, Cee Lo Green for an amazing cause that benefits youth and the arts.

This rising pop star has a lot of potential. I am really excited to hear more singles from her and hopefully we will get to hear an album soon. You need to follow her on her social media sites; Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram so that you will not missed any of her upcoming performances!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Sonny Mackenzi for the interview and Hayley from Big Picture Media for coordinating the interview!

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