#MadeinSG: Pop-Punk Band – Sign of Five hangs on to the same dream

The first time I set my eyes on this band was during Against the Current’s concert where they were the opening act. I was really impressed with how the band managed to get the crowd’s energy up and singing along to them.


Sign of Five consists of Rozaihan Ramlan, Matin Wallister, Sham Ma’Arif, Eugene Ryan and Fyq Hameed. If you find these faces familiar, you might have saw them during their Dropbeat Heartbeat days. Last month, the band released a new EP and had a launch at Aliwal Arts Centre.

Credits: SoyuNana

The EP which is described to be a reflection of their individual lives took them two years to produce. The self titled EP consist of five songs which is filled with with fist-pumping, anthemic melodies and lyrical wordplay that emphasizes about adulthood and the hard facts of life.

So which song from the EP that best describes the band?

It would be Hangin’ On To You because they are all hanging on the same dream and no matter what may come their way, they will keep moving forward.

Credits: 3rdFLM Productions

The band is looking forward to the school invasions with *SCAPE and has a few upcoming shows which will be shared on their social medias in the near future. The band added that they would love to tour and spread their music to neighbouring countries if given the chance!

Sign of Five has since collaborated with Narelle Kheng from The Sam Willows and has been doing covers on their YouTube Page. The band shared that if given the chance to collaborate with a performer in the future, it would have to be Imans League who they described as really fun people to be around with and definitely, great musicians and entertainers as well.

Given that we are celebrating National Day this month, we asked the band to describe the band as a local dessert.

“It would definitely have to be the delicious Ice Kacang, because just like the cool, colourful, dessert, we are like a vibrant blend of different ingredients mixed together in a bowl. We are of different race, culture, background, character and what-not, but together we’re a perfect mix.”

And that is what makes us uniquely Singaporean where different race and religion are able to work together.

Credits: SoyuNana

If you love listening to a blend of pop/pop punk as well as the heavier genres ranging from bands like Neck Deep to 5 Seconds Of Summer and A Day to Remember, Sign of Five is for you!

Stay connected to be band by following them on their social medias; Facebook Page and Twitter.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Marissa for coordinating the interview as well as Sign of Five for the interview. 

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