Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour Live In Singapore

Teenage pop sensation, Selena Gomez, finally performed in Singapore after cancelling her show back in 2014. The Singapore Indoor Stadium was packed with fans from all ages from young kids to the elders accompanying the young ones for the concert. The excitement could be felt outside the stadium with Cornetto giving out free ice cream to the public and allowing fans the opportunity to take photo at the Gomez’s photo booth located outside the venue.

Credits: Marcus Lin

Throughout the night, Gomez had fans dancing, singing along to all of her hit songs. It was pretty interesting to see the transformation of Disney Channel’s icon to a young popstar leading her crew of dancers to songs like Good for You. Gomez mentioned in past interviews about feeling more confident now as compared to in the past and you could definitely see it throughout her performances that her passion for music is very much strong.

Her concert was divided into five acts with transitions and amazing visuals while she had outfit changes throughout the acts. Asides from singing songs from her latest album, Gomez also sang throwback tunes like Slow Back and Who Says. I personally liked her performance of Who Says because her voice sounded so pure and raw and it sounded like she was giving a message to all her fans through the song.

Towards the ending of the concert, Selena took things up a level and turned the stadium to a mega party when she sang Kill Em With Kindness and I Want You To Know. She then moved on to introducing her band and talented dancers who kept the crowd going throughout the night. Gomez ended the show with a remix of Revival before bowing goodbye to her Singaporean fans and promising them that she will be back again in Singapore.

As much as it was a fun concert, it felt like Selena was rushing through the setlist as she barely stopped to communicate with her fans but just sang song after songs.

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