Silent Melodies – Interview with Baybeats 2016 performing band, Tacit Aria

Silent Melodies – the meaning behind the name of local band, Tacit Aria. Tacit Aria derived its name from Spanish and Hebrew. The quintet took a three years break when they had to serve National Service and later started to plan something down under in the basement when they were in-active. Though there were plans for the band to reform in 2012, it was put to hold due to personal commitments of the members.

 photo DSCF8339_zpsr8f4nhir.jpg

Plans were finally put in place when Hafiz felt inspired by Malaysian hardcore band, Maddthelin performance on Baybeats. Watching the band rocking out on stage made him miss the stage he shared with his members – driving him to call back the other members for a comeback for Tacit Aria.

The quintet is known by some to be the Singapore version of the international renowned band Saosin. Though it is an honour for the band to compared to Saosin, having an identity of their own is still important for any band. Post-Hardcore, alternative and metal is just some of the genre influences integrated into Tacit Aria’s style of music. Proving their versatility, the band has been pushing their musical boundaries, creating a style true to themselves.

The band recently released a new single, Memories are Better. The song talks of coping with loss positively and was inspired by the departure of Anna Judge April ex vocalist, Vel.

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So what is next for the band?

Most probably a new LP with new sounds. The band shared that they would love to take the time to experience as much new ways to record their album. They added that it would take some time for the album to be completed as they have yet to settle on the perfect style for their new album.

 photo DSCF8345_zps8dl4bamt.jpg

So we ask who would they love to collaborate with from the local industry?

In a heartbeat, the band unanimously answered The Sam Willows! Individually, the members gave names of the likes of Caracal, KC Meals, A Vacant Affair and singer songwriter, Inch Chua.

Its been a long coming for Tacit Aria as they have had their fair share of ups and downs. Now that they have reconciled and resumed good activities, we say that the quintet are definitely here to stay.

Thank you Tacit Aria for taking your time out to have this interview with The Fifth Parlour! We wish Tacit Aria all the best for their future endeavours!

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