Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok & Eddie Peng to Promote COLD WAR 2 in Marina Bay Sands

The Hong Kong police blockbuster COLD WAR 2 寒战 2 stars will  in Singapore from July 5 to 6. Fans of Chow Yun Fat 周润发, Aaron Kwok 郭富城, and Eddie Peng 彭于晏  can catch a glimpse of them on July 5 at the Marina Bay Sands’ Skating Rink for the red carpet event at 8 pm before they make their way to the Gala Premiere.

Credits: Encore Films

If you are unable to be at the red carpet on July 5, I am sure you will be able to be in front of your laptop or mobile phone on July 6 at 11.30 am since it is a public holiday. Aaron Kwok and Eddie Peng will be on a live chat session on Encore Films’ Facebook Page. Take this opportunity to ask them questions that you have been wanting to ask during the 30 minutes session.

Credits: Encore Films

Do look forward to COLD WAR 2 寒战 as they bring you more elaborate and adrenaline-packed storyline! COLD WAR 2 will be in cinemas on 8 July. COLD WAR 2 is co-distributed by Encore Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

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