Meet Green Tea Ice Cream – Jasper Cho from Descendants Of The Sun

Jasper who?

If I mentioned Dr Daniel Spencer from Descendants of the Sun, I am sure you will know who I am talking about.


Jasper Cho who plays Dr Danial in Descendants of the Sun has been getting a lot of attention from fans of the drama. His charming look as well as accent caught the heart of the ladies from all over the world. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to do a short interview with the busy man.

Before dabbling in the drama scene, Jasper has appeared on the television before. He had participated in a singing competition, SuperstarK6 ,in 2014. Man of many talents isn’t he? He can sing, act, draw, model and the list continues. Jasper shared that singing and writing songs have always been his hobby hence he participated in the competition. If he had to choose between acting and singing, he would prefer acting because he has always been passionate about it while juggling his advertising career as an Art Director.

Credits: Lofficiel hommes

So are there any similarities between Dr Daniel and Jasper?

According to Jasper, “I am Canadian raised in Canada so I have got a good amount of both Korean-ness and North-American-ness in me, that is sort of similar to Dr Daniel. We both would love kimchi but also prefer a pint of beer at a pub than a glass of soju.”

Jasper also admitted that the character Dr Daniel is just too perfect, a character that would be hard to see in the real world since he is warm-hearted, charitable, supposed to be very beautiful in and out, and very wealthy yet humble.

Credits: KBS2

In the drama, Dr Daniel is on close terms with Ri Ye-hwa who was played by Jeon Soo-jin. To Jasper, each and every scene is unforgettable and memorable. If he had to narrow down to a particular scenes, these two scenes would be lingering in his mind because he felt he could do better.

Firstly, it would be his first appearance in the beginning of episode 5 where he came back to Ye-hwa after a long trip. Who could forget that?! That was when everyone laid their eyes on him for the first time.

Credits: KBS2

Secondly,  the scene where he meet up with Song Hye-kyo who plays Doctor Kang Mo-yeon, for the first time. I am sure I am not the only one who thought there was a possibility both of them would get together.

Credits: Logo

Being popular amongst the ladies, we ask Jasper what is his favourite pick up line?

Man, listen up, you could use this in the future. Jasper would usually start off with asking for directions. “Excuse me. Do you know how to get to …” He admitted that it usually works. So ladies, the next time someone asks you for directions, do not ignore, i repeat do not ignore!

Want to know more about Jasper? Here’s five fun facts about Jasper.

  1. Bad at multi-tasking. When he is driving and talking, his car starts to decelerate.
  2. Loves dogs so much and spent so much time looking at Italian Greyhound pictures.
  3. A coffeeholic. Think my caffeine tolerance is very high.
  4. Can run for an hour. But when it comes to swimming, 10 minutes can get me huff and puff.
  5. I love eggs.
  6. I’m into charities.

So what is next for this Green Tea Ice Cream?

Wait, Green Tea?

That was what Jasper described himself as since Green Tea Ice Cream is a mixture of Asian and Western flavours which is similar to him.

Credits: KBS2

To Jasper, he will always want to pursue anything that can be an outlet to express his creative juice be it in the entertainment industry as well as an art director. Both seems different but sometimes they are very similar in the way that they both are jobs of recreating an idea in our own way to generate something better and impactful.

Stay connected to Jasper by following him on Instagram and Twitter and like his Facebook Page!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Jasper for taking time for the interview despite his busy schedule. 

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