Mama’s Boy SonaOne pays tribute to all Mothers

Last Sunday, we just celebrated Mother’s Day. Almost all the social media sites are filled with love declarations as well as pictures of mothers. To pay a special tribute to all mothers worldwide, SonaOne has released a special music video, Mama’s Boy, which includes previously recorded footage of him as a child as well as a special appearance by his own mama, June Lozach.

Taken from his debut album, Growing Up Sucks, the single Mama’s Boy, was written by the man himself to pay tribute to his mother as well as highlights the struggles she went through to raise him and his elder sister.  “My mom is like my best friend, I can talk about anything and everything with her. And in the Growing Up Sucks album, for people to understand my journey they needed to know the relationship I have with my mother. She is my number one fan and has supported me no matter how challenging or outlandish my dreams were. So I wrote this song for her and for all the other mama’s boys in the world; I know I’m not the only one!!” shared SonaOne.

It is not a secret that this Mama’s Boy is such a loving and sweet boy. If you have been following him on Instagram, you are able to see his close relationship with his Mum.

To all Mothers out there, The Fifth Parlour hope it is not too late to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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