British Singer/Songwriter Mi’das releases debut album, All Inside Your Head

Mi’das aka Mike Davies is a singer-songwriter from Britain. Just like any upcoming singer, Mi’das started busking the streets and has since performed with top names such as Leona Lewis, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Labrinth and Jamie Cullum.

He has since played a total of 60 shows to 20,000 people and has performed at notable venues such as the O2 arena, Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park, and Kensinton Palace. Mi’das has released a series of three EPs The Story so far and now, he is back with a debut album, All Inside Your Head. 


“‘I called it All Inside Your Head as I have come to notice that most things in this life good or bad come down to something you can change yourself in your own mind without blaming anyone or looking for other reasons”, shared Mi’das. This album is a compilation of songs which represent the last 10 years of his life.

If you are into soulful pop music, then you should check out the album. Listening to album feels like you are sitting in a bar after a stressful day at work and a talented guy start strumming his guitar and serenade you. Then, you sway your body side to side enjoying and appreciating his good voice. Just close your eyes, stream the album and enjoy the music. That is how you should enjoy Mi’das voice in my opinion. If I have to pick my favourites from the album, it would be If I Were You, Too Little Too Late 

All Inside Your Head is available on Mi’das official website and iTunes! Stay connect to Mi’das on Twitter and Facebook!




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