Comedy Central Presents a Roast Worth Trump-ing About

And yes, you read it correctly, TRUMP-ING! Amidst the ongoing discussions, heated debates and non-stop memes of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, you definitely not want to miss this! Comedy Central is premiering Comedy Central’s 2011 Celebrity Roast Special Roast of Donald Trump for the first time in Singapore on April 16 at 10.50pm.

Credits: Comedy Central

This may be the only time when you will get to watch a potential future (hopefully not surely) U.S. President face an onslaught of celebrity insulters. And if, perhaps, Mr Donald Trump is not enough to be the star of the programme, the panel of insulters includes Hollywood heavyweights Roast Master Seth MacFarlane, Larry King, Whitney Cummings, Anthony Jeselnik, Lisa Lampanelli, Marlee Matlin, Jeffrey Ross, Mike The Situation Sorrentino and Snoop Dogg.
He is likely to be roasted and thoroughly burnt but who knows what Mr Trump had to say:

So do not forget to tune to Comedy Central tomorrow night! Repeat telecasts are also available on April 17 at 1.20pm.

What more can I say when Mr Drumpf, I mean Mr Trump, says it all?


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