[EVENT COVERAGE] Death Cab For Cutie for WOAH Fest

The annual music festival presented by Symmetry Entertainment and Wanderland Festival saw indie-rock pioneers, Death Cab For Cutie, perform for the WOAH Fest sideshow on March7  at The Coliseum. When Death Cab For Cutie announced their concert in Singapore, many fans were thrilled for it had been a long four year wait since the band last appearance in Singapore.

Local band Take Two took the stage and did a splendid job in opening the show for Death Cab For Cutie. It was my second time witnessing Take Two perform live – the first being their gig at Republic Polytechnic’s IGNITE Music Festival 2015 – and I must say that I was really impressed with the band’s growth over the past few months.

The indie pop quintet emerged more polished than they were before, hitting it on point with the audience interaction (and their upgraded wardrobe) as they hyped up the crowd with their 30-minute set. As they dished out their popular singles such as ‘Addiction Affliction’, ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Luna’, there were many in the crowd who sang along, some even enthusiastically cheered, proving the band’s appeal with the Singaporean crowd.

A 30-minute intermission followed which allowed the gig-goers to chill, mingle around and grab some booze. A few moments later, amid the busy buzz of conversation and the light mix of alcohol and sweat in the air, Death Cab For Cutie sauntered onto the open-air stage and played ‘No Room in Frame’, a track off their latest album Kintsugi.

Looking at the audience at The Coliseum as Death Cab For Cutie performed, I saw a bunch of other gig-goers who felt the same sense of connection I had with the band. As the band started playing more familiar tunes off their ‘Plans‘ and ‘Transatlanticim‘ albums, there were those in the audience who sang along to every note, those who swayed their arms in the air, and there where those who stood transfixed, swallowing every minute detail. With our eyes wide and anticipating, we savoured our intimate moment with the band in our own little ways.

One of the most memorable songs Death Cab For Cutie played that night was their iconic I Will Follow You Into The Dark, where lead singer Ben Gibbard serenaded to the audience with just his vocals and his acoustic guitar. The band’s performance of ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ was also notably impressive and enthralling from the beginning to the end, leaving the audience gasping for more.

Death Cab For Cutie is been a band that have been in the music industry for a long time and have rightfully earned their status as legends in indie rock. Since their debut in 1997, the band has amassed a large following and is continuing to do so with their latest releases. For me, Death Cab For Cutie’s feel-good vibe holds a distinctive quality that sets them apart from other bands and many of their tracks played a large part of my days growing up. As the tune of ‘Transatlanticism’ played for the encore, many in the crowd sang-a-long with the band. “I need you so much closer… I need you so much closer ….”

Photo credits: WOAH Fest Facebook

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Symmetry Entertainment for extending the invite. 

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