Singapore “Cry Out” for One Ok Rock at Fort Canning – One Ok Rock Live In Singapore 2016 “35XXXV” Tour Review

Japanese rock band, One Ok Rock was recently in Singapore for a concert in support of their new album, 35xxxv. This is the band’s third visit to Singapore.

Even as the clock strikes 8, the queue outside Fort Canning was still snaking and people were rushing to get in before the first song started. Who would want to miss out on the band’s performance; every song counts. One Ok Rock is known for their high energy show so it is not a  surprise when the band started hitting the stage all pumped up,  all 5000 fans were pumped up as well.

The highlight of the show was when fan favourites such as Clock Strike, Cry Out, Suddenly and Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer were performed. Of all the four fan favourite songs, Cry Out definitely stood out for me because after the second chorus to the bridge, Taka did a crowd participation singing the OH’s in the song which was the highlight of the night as you can hear the 5000 fans singing together in harmony. But for me the best song of the night was Wherever You Are. They decided to strip it down and you can hear Taka’s raw voice.

I was disappointed when the crowd did not respond well when Taka asked for a mosh pit and wall of death. No one seemed to get into it. Mostly the crowd was just standing still and just shouting with joy. Even after many times Taka asked for the mosh pit and Wall Of Death, none seem to move. Hopefully the band was not disappointed with the crowd’s reaction.

But all in all, the show was amazing. I felt like I was watching the band in Japan at one point of time. Hopefully, the next time I see them perform, it will be in their country!

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