K-live brings Hologram Magic to Singapore for the First Time

Are you a K-pop fan?

Do you wish that you can watch your favourite K-pop stars as and when you please?

If you were nodding your head or saying yes to the above questions, this post is for you!

K-live Sentosa is Singapore’s first dedicated K-pop hologram performance hall where fans will be able to have an upclose and personal performance by big names such as Wonder Girls, 2PM and Got7 in a 40-minute show. Still clueless to what I am saying, check out this video below.

Doesn’t it feel like you are really at their concert? The hologram theater will not only give you the chance to watch the performance but there will be photo opportunities too, akin to a meet and greet. There will be two different ticket prices where you get to choose either just a hologram concert or a full package with live performances.

Hologram of GOT7

Prices are between $19 to $39, the hologram concert is a 40 minute show where you get to watch a line-up of hottest K-Pop stars. The technology behind the hologram performance allows the visuals to appear so life-like that you will have to do a double-take to realise that what you are seeing is not the actual performers!

For the full package, the price starts from $24 to $48. It comprises of a 10 minute live performance and media show. Visitors will be immersed in the Korean culture through a Korean traditional performance, modern dance, krump dance and Korean traditional paintingThe second portion will be a 30-minute hologram performance.

Just so you know, GOT7 will be making a special appearance during the official launch on February 23. More information will be revealed soon. So stay connected and updated on K-live’s official Facebook page and Instagram @KliveSentosa for the latest updates and announcements as well as our social media sites as we will be doing a ticket giveaway soon!

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