Get Lost at The Rebung Spa

Last month or should I say last year, I went for a short getaway across the Causeway. As you already know, the currency is in our favour hence, I did a lot of shopping and eating. Other than that, I took the opportunity to pamper myself.

I stayed at the Putera Pacific Hotel or also known as Putera Pan Pac Hotel, the hotel is just 10 minutes away from the checkpoint and if you are from City Square, it is just a five minutes walk. Thankfully, the hotel provides spa services at level 4.

As I walked into the spa to the reception, I was already in love with the environment. We were greeted by friendly staffs and a glass of Ginger tea. Let me tell you it is one of the best Ginger tea I have ever tasted. The ginger taste does not overpower the drink. You can taste both the Gula Melaka and ginger. After looking through the package, I decided to take the Lost in D’Rebung package where it includes massage, scrub, body mask, facial and steam bath. The package costs RM 400 (SGD $132) and if you stay at the hotel, you will get a 10% discount.

Before the start of the spa, I was asked to choose the types of scrub. It varies from detox, making your skin whiter, soft and the list goes on. I wanted to choose Coffee scrub but I know I badly need to detox after all the food I ate while in Johor Bahru (JB). Hence, the Boreh Scrub was chosen. I was told it will be hot as there is ginger inside.

Before massage, the spa attendant cleaned my feet before heading to the room. The massage started with inhaling the aromatherapy which will make you relaxed. My attendant, Casie, whispered into my ear that it is welcome gift from the spa. I almost giggled when she whispered it to me. The one hour massage was accompanied with careful observations from Casie. Just by massaging me, she knows about my body like which side is almost aching etc. Closing to the end of the massage, she placed a warm pillow on my waist since that area was always in pain. Gosh, after that pillow was removed, I was a burp machine. I burp non stop. It is a good sing because the air in my body is out!

After done with the massage, it was time for scrub and body wrap. At first it was cooling and I was confident I could take it. Then after being wrapped slowly I could feel the heat slowly seeping in. I’m not sure if the body mask is included after the scrub. As my body was wrapped, Casie starred doing facial. Do not expect too much on the facial as it just the basic such as mask and cleansing of the face. Then, I was asked to do a quick wash up to clean away the scrub before getting into the steam bath. All is done within the room. I felt like a princess. The steam bath was relaxing as the pressure of water is massaging my body too.

Overall, my experience at The Spa Rebung was a great one because of the great service right from the start till the end. The attentiveness of the attendant is a plus point. Casie never fails to share with me what I can do to ensure that I take good care of myself.

Credits: The Rebung Spa

So if you are looking for a place to pamper yourself across the Causeway, The Spa Rebung is the place. Do your shopping first and after a tiring day, head over to the spa. That was what I did and it feels so good. I felt so light right after the treatment. I have included the price list above for your reference. If you are thinking of a short getaway during the Lunar New Year, this place is for you!  

The Spa Rebung 

The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru

Level 4

10 am to 10 pm

+607 221 3067


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