Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler – Lit up Digital Matters 2015 with their excellent fan service

YouTube personalities Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) and Marcus Butler were in Singapore recently as part of Digital Matters 2015.The Fifth Parlour was given the opportunity to attend the fan meet and watch first hand how the two good friends share tips about vlogging, the YouTube world, and most importantly, how they interact with their fans.

As soon as the duo entered the hall, they were greeted with an enthusiastic chorus of screams from their fans. Some lucky ones were chosen to participate along with Marcus and Alfie for a game segment called Are You Smarter Than a YouTuber? and  it did not come as a surprise to me that the fans knew more about the YouTubers than they themselves do.

Hosted by the charismatic Dominic Lau, screaming fans do not faze him as he has hosted events such as Music Matters, YouTube Fanfest and many more.  After getting to know more about their favourite YouTubers, some had the chance to pose questions for the duo better known as “Malfie”. One of them even asked for Alfie to FaceTime with his girlfriend, Zoe. Despite the bad connection, Zoe managed a “Hello Singapore!”. A brave fan even asked Marcus if he wants to go out with her. Highly doubt Niomi would appreciate that. (Niomi is Marcus ‘ s longtime girlfriend, who is also a fellow YouTuber.)

Both Alfie and Marcus had the opportunity to learn our famous Singlish phrases such as Walao Wei and Lah which they executed perfectly. They also took some questions from Twitter.

Even though it was evident that Alfie and Marcus were tired, they stood on the stage for two hours greeting every fan and giving them a hug. They also thanked them for the unwavering support all this while and waiting patiently to finally meet up. There were fans giving presents on stage ranging from Starbucks to bracelets and even Famous Amos cookies.

The event was a success as both idols and fans got to get together in one hall and enjoyed their time throughout the event.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Digital Matters for the invitation. 


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