Parallel Universe in The Frame

A great story teller, composer, writer and editor, Jamin Winans started making short films for film festivals before posting it up on YouTube. He is known for his short film, Spin (2005), portraying a DJ trying to fix a chain of events in a city with his turn table. After the short film won multiple awards at Santa Barbara Independent Film Festival (The Best Live Action Short and The Bruce Corwin Award), he then posted the short film on YouTube where it gained over 15 million views.

His first feature film, Ink (2009) has been screened in a few film festivals where it has won the The Best International Feature in Cancun Film Festival and also touched my heart with the story. He wrote, edited, composed and acted in the film. The film and was also produced by his wife via their own independent company, DoubleEdge Films.

Five years later, his works has never failed to blow the audience away with another of his mind-bending ideas  featured film that was written, edited and composed by him.

The Frame is a story about two strangers finding their lives colliding in the most impossible way. Alex and Sam find their lives crashing into each other on another fabric of reality that is ripped from underneath their feet. Racing through through a maze of an ever-changing universe, they take on the very root of fate, destiny and their own existence while being pursued by a demonic man who is determined to erase the world.

Although some parts are a bit draggy, it actually connects the scenes together. Visual wise, the cinematography was alright. What makes everything looks dynamic is the colouring. Being an independent filmmaker, sometimes it is understandable that there are problems that could not be fixed during production or post-production, where else in Hollywood, anything can be done due to the very high budget. The visual effects could have been better. Nevertheless, the vision was well put together despite the very complex narrative and the climax was intense as Alex and Sam kept almost find their way to meet each other when they discovered the writer’s room. Art direction for the Writer’s room is the most beautiful thing ever made.

Before 2015 ends, I would recommend you to end it with a mind blowing film where you can see purely  of hard work put together. A film that could beat the story you see Hollywood is making and fresh faces with strong characters. Although it was released in the US on October 2014 last year, the film is still being screened in a couple European countries for film festivals this year.  If you could stay in a theatre for two hours for a Christopher Nolan film, there’s no excuse you cannot stay at the comfort of your home for The Frame, where the director is also the Editor and Composer of the film.

You can get the film directly from DoubleEdge Films through their website. It comes with a full high definition of the whole movie and the epic soundtrack composed by yours truly, Jamin Winans.


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