Meet Swedish Brothers: John, Tom & Robin of JTR

Swedish boyband, JTR, was in Singapore as part of the Asian Television Awards (ATA) celebrating the finest in the television industry. The Fifth Parlour managed to have a quick chat with the boys before their performance.

JTR consists of John Andreasson,Tom Lundbäck and Robin Lundbäck. I am sure by now, you get why they are named JTR. If that is not clear enough, it is the initials of their names!

This is the band’s first visit to Singapore. “We were quite surprised actually. We have never been to Singapore. Singapore is so fresh, clean, warm and beautiful. We are from Sweden and it is very cold in Sweden,” shared the band. When asked if they have tried local delicacies, they excitedly exclaimed that they have tasted Chicken Rice and it is their favourite.

Find these faces familiar?


John, Tom and Robin were part of the fifth season of The X Factor Australia back in 2013 where they got the standing ovation from the judges during their audition. Even though eliminated and finished in seventh place, that did not stop the boys from playing music. Being part of X Factor Australia reassured them that singing is what they want to do for a living and they are really thankful for the amazing support from their fans on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

The brothers been singing together in 2012, when they ended school. Before this, John, Tom and Robin played in different bands. Writing songs together was the start of JTR. Being brothers, they do spend a lot of time together. So how do the brothers settle their disagreements and creative differences?

At first, their answer was quite diplomatic and revealed that they just have to remain level headed and be reasonable. They did admit that all of them can be hotheaded at times, but else than that they are all pretty chilled. After much coaxing and probing, they shared the actual answer. According to John, the peacemaker,  since Tom and Robin are 11 months apart, they tend to argue about weird stuff and thus, this when is John usually comes to the rescue!

JTR has since released Touchdown and now, specially for Asia, they have produced Touchdown – Asian edition. This album is a compilation of what they have released in Australia, Sweden, and an additional five songs to give us the whole picture of what JTR is all about.

Singapore is not the only stop for their Asian tour. They will be back touring Japan, Manila and Jakarta for the month of December. Asia, get ready for JTR!

The boys are also working on a new album. If you want to know what you can expect from the next album, have a listen to Centre of Everywhere. The band revealed that this is the sound and direction they are going towards for their next album. Their current album already got me listening to it on repeat. Every single song is so catchy. I cannot pick a favourite yet but Oh My My keeps playing in my head maybe because I heard them performing the chorus live right after our interview.

If you did not manage to catch JTR on ATA, you can catch them tonight on MediaCorp Channel 5 at 9.30pm!

Stay updated about news of the boys by following them on InstagramTwitter and their Facebook Page!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank JTR for the interview and Charlene for coordinating the interview. 

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