[CONCERT REVIEW] Circa Waves headlines Dr. Martens Stand For Something 2015 Tour

British indie rock band Circa Waves was in Singapore last Friday night, 23rd October 2015, for Dr. Martens’ Stand For Something Tour. The gig was held at arts space 72-13 and saw to a crowd of above 18s. With free tickets and free-flow drinks, the night was set out to be amazing.

Local band Riot !n Magenta (R!M) opened the night with full-force and hyped out the crowd for the night. It was my first time witnessing R!M perform and I was really impressed by the energy emanated from the band. Front-women, Eugenia Yip, was especially astounding.

Be it Eugenia’s versatile vocals or her interpretation of their songs through her out-of-the-ordinary dance moves, she captured the attention of the crowd and stole our hearts from the get-go. I especially loved their performance of “Ctrl” and how every member of the band were so focused on playing their tunes. Overall, R!M’s live performance left a deep impression on me and while walking to the washroom during the intermission, the chorus was still playing in my head.

Afterwards, a brief intermission took place and crowd dispersed to get more drinks or use the washroom. (Note: the queue for the washroom was longer than the queues for the drinks.) The crowd gathered back for the highlight of the night — Circa Waves.

Opening their segment with “Young Chasers”, Circa Waves brought the crowd to a new level of vitality. “Good For Me” came up next with most of the crowd singing along to the song.

By the time the four-piece-indie band band was mid into their set-list with their hit-track, “Fossils”, most of the crowd have already lost their reservations — those that started out bobbling their heads to the tunes were enthusiastically jumping around. “Stuck In My Teeth” got the crowd to a new high with and saw more fervent dancing and head-banging. There were even a few who attempted to crowd-surf. It was a nice feeling — liberating even — being in that crowd.

Circa Waves played their most well-known song “T-Shirt Weather” at the end and got the crowd pumped and screaming “It’s gonna be okay!” as a mini circle-pit formed near the stage. Similar to R!M, Circa Waves sounded absolutely fantastic live — better than their studio recorded version even. It could be the free-flow alcohol, the venue, the good vibes and tunes and even the fun-loving crowd in general that made the night so memorable and the music so much better. Personally, I felt that their set ended too quick– I was not done expanding my energy dancing when their set ended. While staggering out of the venue, an avid fan pulled me by the arm and excitedly showed me a piece of paper she tore from the walls. I guess at the end of the concert, everyone’s not had enough of Circa Waves yet.

Check out more pictures from the show on our FaceBook page here.

Check out more of Circa Waves’ tunes on YouTube @CircaWavesVEVO.

Check out more of R!M’s tunes on YouTube @Riotinmagenta.

The Fifth Parlour would like to specially thank Sandra from Pardon My French for the invitation to the show.

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