Rave Republic plans to take on the world

Singapore based duo, Mathias Schell and Stas Madorski, who plays under the moniker, Rave Republic, are EDM producers. EDM has been receiving encouraging responses from all over the world especially Singapore. We have seen more and more EDM acts coming to Singapore to perform.

The duo recently played at Road to Ultra Singapore where they were the only Asia-based act. Formed in 2014, the duo has since played across Singapore, China , Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Korea and have shared the stage with acts like Dada Life, Sander van Doorn, Bingo Players, LMFAO and the list goes on. If that is not impressive enough, they now, have a record signed by Warner music Singapore! Congratulations guys!

Passionate about creating something special and breaking through the monotony of clubbing where every night looked and sounded the same, that is what both Stas and Mat aims to do. So what can you expect while being at their show?

We go all-out in trying to create a festival atmosphere inside a night club. We have unique custom-made Rave Republic visuals, flags, props and other edgy crowd handouts such as our very own Rave Republic Condoms. We also try and engage the crowd constantly – they’re as much a part of our event production as we are.

The duo has been living in Singapore for more than six years. Living in a country that is filled with abundance of food is a blessing to both of them because they are a huge foodie! When asked to describe Rave Republic as a local dish, the duo choose Char Kway Teow with extra lapcheong. Sounds yummy, are you drooling yet?

What is even yummier is that the duo’s originals and remixes have been receiving support from artistes such as  Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Lazy Rich, Beatbreaker and Zack Edward.

After being singed to Warner Music Singapore, the duo has plans to release a few new tracks and focus on producing more music in the next few months.  “It’s a game changer for us, and a huge opportunity to have our music distributed to everyone in our region. Ideally, we do want to get our tracks in the charts, and played on radios all around Asia. After that, world domination is on the cards.” If you are planning to catch them, next month, they will be playing at It’s The Ship festival!

Feeling inspired and wants to be a DJ, Stas and Mat shares with you their ‘secret’ workout regime!

Get to know the duo better by following them on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and like their Facebook Page. Just so you know both Stas and Mat are for sure vain! Mat has to check his hair at his at least at five different mirrors before he goes out while Stas uses a hair straightener.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank both Stas and Mat for taking time for the interview. All the best in your future endeavors. 

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