Exuding that certain “Je ne sais quoi” – IAM, Live In Singapore

French Hip Pop band IAM was in Singapore for the first time and we at The Fifth Parlour were invited to witness it!

First observation of the crowd was mostly consisted of French-speaking people in their mid 30s. Now what I noticed about French people is that their language is beautiful and accent is just sweet. So imagine that and put it into Hip Pop songs. A masterpiece is born. And that is my reaction when IAM perform.

Credits: Fabien Chareix

I may not know a single word they were saying or singing but the beauty of music spoke to me! From the intro to the breaks in between and to the freestyle session they have between the 4 piece group, every minute of the show is just amazing. There were some jokes punch in between sets but sadly for me, I would never know what they were saying or joking about. But I do know a few words that were thrown into the crowd; Singapour and merci!

Credit to Xavier Marlé

Their style of music ranges from 80s Hip Hop to the latest Hip Hop you hear on the radio. But I wanna give a thumbs up to the band for sticking to the roots of Hip Hop because honestly, I was either shaking my leg or bobbing my head along to the beat through out the set! In the middle of the set, they went backstage and let their Deejays spin some old hip pop remix tracks they came up with! And the crowd went crazy!

Then, the foursome came out in robes and lightsabers. Yes. LIGHTSABERS. How many shows can see their acts bringing out props like lightsaber to their show? Thumbs up for that cheeky moment!!

Credit to Fabien Chareix

I just want to give a shout out to the guy in front of me who was dancing througout the set without even caring about what people might say and to the pregnant lady beside me. GIRL YOU CAN PARTY.

Credit to Xavier Marlé

Overall, it was a great experience watching a band performing in a foreign language. What a beautiful experience it was for me. Thank you IAM for making me appreciate old school Hip Hop and making me want to learn french now! 🙂

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Figure8 Agency for the invitation! 

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