Oh My Ghost’s casts shares about their character in the drama

Last week, the Oh my Ghost’s casts were in Singapore to promote the drama. It was the first time both of them visited Singapore. Talking about their characters as a chef, food was the first topic they talked about. They have since tried Chili Crab. Park Bo Young shared that she would love to try the kaya toast while Cho Jung Seok added that he wanted to know the recipe of a pasta after tasting it as the taste was unique and delicious.

When asked about how this current drama was different from their previous, Cho Jung Seok shared that although this drama deals with being possessed which is a dark topic, it was played as a fun and lively drama. The storyline and the situation itself is very interesting. In addition, in this drama, the female lead is more aggressive and provocative than the male.  He admitted that it was fun acting with the ‘possessed’ Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) and  Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gie),who acted as the ghost. While for Park Bo Young, it was actually her first time doing onscreen kissing and the scene did not took a lot of NGs!

As their character portrays a chef, there is a needs to practice with using the wok and knives. Thanks to a chef who helped them,  they got a chance to practice and are now, more familiar with kitchen gadgets. Other than admitting that their cooking skills has since improved, Park Bo Young revealed that now, she is able to make pasta.

Other than getting used to being in the kitchen, Cho Jung Seok also have to encounter ‘ghost’. Cho Jung Seok shared his encounter with one during Grease musical a few years back. He recalled a lady approaching him during his nap to sleep at another location as it was cold. When shared about it, he was told that there is no cleaning lady in the building only to find out that there was a cleaning lady who had died in a fire broke in the theater. Till now, he is still unsure if what he saw is ghost, he took it positively thinking of it as memory of someone who took care him.


If you would like to get a sneak peak of what the drama is all about, you have to listen this song sung by Park Bo Young which portrays the thoughts of the protagonist. Na Bong Sun  (Park Bo Young) might be a skilled chef who lacks of confidence in cooking. Her personality goes out of control when she meet and communicate with the seductive virgin ghost and meet the hottest chef, Kang Sun Woo (Cho Jung Seok) who is actually Bong Sun’s secret crush!

To know more about the show, you have to catch it for yourself. Oh My Ghost! (OH我的鬼神君) is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) every Sunday at 10pm till 13 Sep. It will continue to be available via VV Drama On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 857) for one month till 13 Oct.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank StarHub for the invitation to the media conference. 


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