Sing Singapore for our Golden Jubilee, Sing50!

Over the past Jubilee weekend, Singaporeans all around the world came together to celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday, a mark of our extraordinary achievements as a country since independence in 1965. In Singapore, many activities and celebratory events were organised islandwide and one of the biggest and most discussed event, apart from NDP, was the star-studded concert, Sing50.

Proudly organised by The Straits Times and The Business Times and supported by the Minister of Culture, Communications and Youth (MCCY) and SG50 committee, Sing50 was a night of musical celebrations. It featured iconic music artists and showcased songs which have been composed or made popular by these home-grown artists across all languages and all music genres. Sing50 concert was definitely a huge success with a line-up of Singapore’s leading and outstanding musical talents performing to a crowd of 45 000 at the National Stadium.

The concert was warmed up with a sing-along session featuring familiar songs from Singaporean programmes, leading up to the opening tribute to Singapore’s pop diva Anita Sarawak. Themed Anita Forever, the pop diva’s hit songs like Turn The Beat Around and Sophisticated Lady. The concert proceeded with various segments of different themes like Rock and Rolling Sixties, by The Pinholes and Vernon Cornelius dressing in white jumpers and dazzling blue suits, Yang Gerek by Jeffrydin, Rahimah Rahim, Art Fazil, Sezairi and Ramli Sarip, Indie and We Love Musicals. To top it off, MICappella brought fond memories back to many Chinese Singaporeans with popular 新谣 songs like 细水长流 by 梁文福 and 想着你的感觉 by 巫启贤. The hype among the crowd continued on with great performances in Jazz Moments, with Jeremy Monteiro, “Singapore’s King of Swing” leading the crowd into the indulgence of jazz music, performances by Jack and Rai with Star, and Raagamatazz.

The concert reached another peak of excitement as Tracy Huang stepped on stage in a long flowy black gown with Feelings and 哭砂. During her performance, the audience also brought out their flashlights to shine in the sea of darkness, forming a spectacular view analagous to a starry night sky. When the diva concluded her last song, the audience immediately returned with a huge round of applause and welcoming cheer for the diva.

Credits: Sing50

The next superstars who rose to stage were famous composer and singer Dick Lee with Dru Chen and Shigga Shay accompanied by ChildAid Alumni and Friends with memorable songs like Life Story and Rasa Sayang. Just as the crowd seemed to be transported back in time to the earlier days when these songs were great trending hits, Lion City Rap hit the stage loud with collaborations among Najip Ali, THELIONCITYBOY, Sheikh Haikel, guest performer from The Black Eyed Peas and other rappers.

Next in line, Singapore’s pop prince, JJ Lin, stole the limelight as he began his performances with 江南 and a special collaboration with China’s renowned pianist Lang Lang who has performed with leading orchestras all over the world.

Lang Lang stayed on stage for Concerto In Three Movements with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra. It was definitely an unforgettable moment to catch him and his graceful poise on the piano, bringing the audience a great musical enjoyment which concluded with a piece of Geylang Sipaku Geylang. Stefanie Sun then took the stage with great stage presence, singing 4 of her many hit songs, 天黑黑, 我要的感觉, 绿光 and 克卜勒 in a glamorous top and black leather pants. And with no surprise, the crowd gave her the loudest cheer!

The concert came to a grand end with Dick Lee and his composition, Home, which touched all Singaporeans whenever we hear this iconic national song and later our national anthem as the audience stood and sang it loud and proud. As Singaporeans gather for this music extravaganza, sponsors of this event like Mapletree Investments and Zurich Insurance also came together to raise funds for charity to deliver greater benefits and inspire more Singaporeans to give back to the local community. All in all, this mega concert was not just a celebration of Singapore’s music over the decades, but also representative of Singapore’s community spirit.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Yasmin for the invitation.

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