“Laughter is an instant Vacation”

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”- Milton Berle

Ed Helms is back on the big screen, so do not hesitate to join in the fun in Vacation!

This summer, Ed Helms returns with Christina Applegate and young actors Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins as a family on a road-trip vacation to Walley World. In this comedy film, Chris Hemsworth and Leslie Mann have made short but extraordinary appearance which brought tears to my eyes from laughing.

Credits: Warner Bros. Singapore

Following his father’s footsteps, Rusty Griswold, played by Ed Helms, initiates to bring his family to Walley World, with hopes of strengthening family ties. Yet plans do not always work out perfectly as planned. Along the journey, the Grisworld’s family faced a series of unfortunate events. While the family struggled to overcome each event together, everyone in the audience was bursting into laughter at the little jokes or references made.

Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

Rated M18, the movie included flashes of nudity and hilarious sexual references which occasionally caught the audience by surprise. In the middle of the road trip, the Griswold family stopped by Audrey Griswold, played by Leslie Mann, and Stone Crandall’s, played by Chris Hemsworth, house for a short stay. There, my jaws literally dropped while watching Chris Hemsworth’s comical portrayal of his character with a wavy bouffant hairstyle. It was just mind-blowing! Chris’ image as Thor has been deeply engraved in my mind yet in this movie, it can definitely be termed as a breakthrough performance which stunned me. I would say this is one of the highlights of the movie to watch out for.

Credits: Warner Bros. Singapore

Comical plots aside, this film also conveys valuable perspectives Rusty held towards his idea of what a family is. Though his trip may be the worst out of the worst with nothing going smoothly as planned, Rusty stood firm to his belief of uniting his family together regardless of where and what they were going through. As the head of the family, he also led by example by placing family above other priorities in life. Eventually, his efforts were recognised and deeply touched his family members to hold similar opinions. For the audience, it is probably an apt reminder for us to pause in life and show appreciation towards our loved ones. Perhaps, it also serves for us to reflect and to ask ourselves what family means to us.

As such, in this hot summer, be sure to catch Vacation in theatres from 6th Aug for great laughs and warm, cuddly family moments with the Griswolds. Afterall, what could possibly go wrong?

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