Mrs. Mia Wallace – An Intro to local band, Koji

Koji was formed when the bands the boys were in decided to go for indefinite hiatus. After careful planning, in 2014, this rock quartet started playing together.

Recently the band dropped a new single, Mrs. Mia Wallace, and we at The Fifth Parlor loved it!

With good guitar hooks, rifts, low bass and hard-hitting drums, the song got me addicted. I had to listened to it for a few times. Mrs. Mia Wallace has the good hooks like Foo Fighters meet Halestorm (I know it doesn’t make sense but give it a listen), which started out slow but then once it hits the chorus, it got me wanting more.

Fans of alternative rock should give them a listen and prove us wrong if they don’t get you hooked! And if you like what you listen to, check them out and say Hi to them on their Facebook and Twitter!

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