My Taste in Music is Your Face! – Twenty One Pilots Live in Singapore 2015

Ohio based duo, Twenty One Pilots, was in town to promote their latest album Blurryface. And we at The Fifth Parlor got to attend this amazing show!

Credit: Twenty One Pilots

Fans of the band or Clique as they are called, decorated their body and face with Blurryface and some even went to the extend of painting their neck and hands black. Having waited for two years for this band to finally hit our shores, the fans started screaming in excitement way before the doors even opened. Everyone were eager to see both Tyler and Josh.

At exactly 830 pm, Josh took the stage on his drum set and Tyler entered when the hanging mic appeared, wearing their signature masks. The show stated with Heavy Dirty Soul.  Throughout the set, I found myself dancing and enjoying myself thanks to Tyler and Josh who never fail to get me and the rest up on our feet time to time!

One lucky fan even got the opportunity to do the handshake with the band! I also witnessed Tyler acting like a gentleman. Before the song Holding On To You, a fan slipped and fall in midst of the crowd. She was stuck in the middle of the mosh. Lucky for her, Tyler stopped the show and instructed the crowd to step back.

The highlight of the show for me was definitely the awesome cover for No Women No Cry, Tyler’s voice is spot on. It does not sound like the original singer, Marley, but he definitely did the song justice.

Credit: Twenty One Pilots

They ended the set with an encore song Tree where splashes of water were sprinkled on some audience since the bass drums were filled with water.

Without a doubt, this concert will be permanently inked into my heart. I’m sure those who attended the show felt the same way too!

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