WWE Dolph Ziggler Singapore Tour

WWE’s professional wrestler, Dolph Ziggler, was recently in Singapore for a 5-day tour to promote the upcoming WWE Live in Singapore in July.

© 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved

During the 5 days tour, he managed to do some sightseeing to enjoy Singapore’s beauty before the meet and greet with fans in Singapore.

What is a trip to Singapore without tasting local food!

© 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If you’re in Tekka Market, of course, you will be tasting the local Indian food. Looking at the picture, he seems to enjoy the Egg Prata which is dipped in curry.

© 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved

He also visited and spent some time playing badminton with kids with special needs. How lucky are they playing badminton with the former World Heavyweight Champion and SmackDown Money in the Bank winner!

© 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Last but not least, the meet and greet at Shaw House with the fans of both Dolph and WWE! It is not everyday you get to meet a professional wrestler. Lucky fans got the opportunity to meet the wrestler upclose, received an autograph poster and shook hands with Dolph. They also got to take a picture with him.

If you missed the chance to catch Dolph while he was in Singapore last week, don’t miss the chance to catch him and the other stars from WWE, live in July at Singapore Indoor Stadium! Get your tickets now!

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