Neonomora // Take Two

Last Tuesday, The Fifth Parlour had our second year anniversary. What other best way to celebrate it than to enjoy good music and good vibes from Rdio. On top of that, drinks was on the house! Even better, the venue was so intimate, and we could get up close and personal to the musicians as they were playing.

Coming back from their tour in Beijing, Take Two began to light up the mood with an acoustic of one of their new single, Addiction Affliction. As usual the band has such a hyped energy, even when they stripped their song off for their act. The party doesn’t just end there. Tales were told about their adventures while they were in Beijing before audience get to sway away with the rest of their set such as In Your Arms, followed by PlantationsC’mere (Interpol)Luna and Honolulu (last dinosaurs) as more people start coming in to catch them playing. Lastly, they topped it off with one of their classic, Ariel. 

everything acoustic.

chillax version of things, but hey, a little bit of bass is nice too.

We guess, they tore the roof down, a minor blackout happened after their set! Ok, just kidding. That’s probably some technical malfunction by our next act, Neonomora. The show still goes on right? Well it did. Neonomora, also known as “the singer who wears black all the time” by The Media Partly a Nomad, Record Executive of Frisson Entertainment on her Instagram, had their set in a totally different mood. From something very relaxed, audience get to feel intimate with the musicians with lights dimmed down as usual. The band started their set with a very strong energy from their Intro followed by one of their famous single, Fight and another track from their latest record Seed called Verge of Universe.

The sentiment only kicked in, when she had a speech that interludes to Too Young before the hype came in again. For someone who has gone places to places, we could still feel the roots in her performance by the way she dance to fill in that exotic Indonesian essence in her.

Aside from the strong presence and unique performance, lets not forget the band who makes everything a successful show too shall we?

Her keyboardist, Devva Pratama, did an amazing job providing the sounds that resonates through the audience, multitasking with his computer, keys and sometimes guitar. Let’s not forget her guitarist too who rocked the show with his guitar, providing sounds that compliment the music, live with his pedal.

We’d like to thank Rdio Asia and Secret Signals for inviting us to their music showcase. We’re humbled and honoured to attend the event with you, especially on our Happy Second Anniversary. Deep in our hearts, we’d like to thank you for sharing good music with us. To those who missed it, here’s what you’ve missed. 

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