Hands Like Houses – I Am (Single Review)

One of the biggest Post Hardcore band to come out from Canberra Australia, Hands Like Houses has released a new material after their last album, released two years ago. The brand new single titled I Am gives us a sneak peek of what to expect for their upcoming album.

You might find something missing or different in their new single; no keyboard magic. Unfortunately, Jamal has left the band to pursue his dream job. You can still feel the vibe there in this song as the band decided to go heavy with this song. Trenton experimented in a bit of screaming in the song. Nothing major but to give you that heavy hook in the song, which is heavily influenced.

I simply love the breakdown, which happened after the second bridge and the second small scream Trenton did. Nothing can beat the combination of the drums, guitar and bass in this particular song. You can compare it with older songs such as Introduce Species and Lion Skin. 

Give the two albums a listen and listen to this new single . Prove me wrong that the band did not go heavy with the new single. As quoted by their own record label, Rise Records,  “this have to be one of their biggest song they ever did and release as of now.’

You can expect more hard hitting song like these in the new album. I’m not complaining it isn’t a good thing that they decided to experiment with heavy stuff. This is just a start to an awesome peek to what they have in store for us for their new album!

Hands Like Houses new single “I Am” is out on iTunes for download and Spotify for streaming.

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