New Found Glory Live in Singapore

What a glorious, glorious evening! A bittersweet one too. So much feels happened during the evening. It’s the first official New Found Glory show (SingFest not counted), where all the punk rock acts and audience came together. Familiar faces come along, waited in the queue for the doors to open… Goes the same for those who were in line for the meet and greet. Aspectrum was the first band to open the show.

This is the last, official show for Aspectrum with every founding member playing on stage. They played a couple of their singles from their prologue EP. During the set, Tejo might have been the trend setter for the night to have start crowd surfing. He might have failed the last time he tried to stage dive from opening for Mayday Parade, but it worked this time and everyone followed through!

After a couple of songs, the founder member, Rob Soh, of GODZILLA went on stage and Rino Darusman switched from his bassist to his guitar and Tejo switched to just singing. It was those days before Godzilla was Aspectrum. From Dream It Like You Mean It to Street Lights, when Rino changed his instrument to his keyboard, the band decided to stripped down the introduction. The feels begin here when Tejo explained that it’s one of those songs when they wrote it when Shaun Sloane, drummer of Aspectrum moved to Macau.

“turn off all the lights and walk away (but i know i’m coming back). i’ll never forget my friends, i know my place..”


Cambridge has the most epic opening ever. They started off with the Lion King song, mashed up with Turn Down for What?! to get the crowd all started and energy going. Beautiful entrance by their left handed guitarist, Josh Smith, before everyone got on stage and started to perform.

Josh Smith

They gave their all for their set. They even performed their famous Taylor Swift cover of 22, MASHED up with Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball and One Direction’s What Makes you Beautiful. I gotta say, it’s a wicked cover ever! Everyone was just cheering and singing their hearts out, moshing before New Found Glory even performed. It ishow a punk rock concert should be like.

It is time for New Found Glory! The energy from the crowd came out even higher, that our photographer was stuck in the middle of the speakers placed at the photographer area attempting to take her shots. Everyone was already moving in! Mike Ambrose filled in for their original drummer, Cyrus Bolooki, who is now taking care of his pregnant wife. Nevertheless, everything was fun just as much as how the band wants to play and interact with the fans as well.

Chad giving a fan his guitar pick


even Ian Grushka interacts with the camera


The best moment during the concert was the response that was given during the crowd. A fan wanted to attempt a crowd surf for the first time and she didn’t know what to do. She signaled a guy in the crowd showing him that she wants to crowd surf, and what everyone did was picked her up and she was surfing the crowd for the first time. She fell on her head when the people at the back missed her, but they came to her rescue immediately when she fell. She tried again for the second time during Truck Stop Blues when she approached the bassist of another local band, Anna Judge April who helped her up with a few of his friends.

Jordan Pundik getting into the crowd


Among all things, this is what a punk rock concert should be like- Where everyone IS different, yet they’re still a family and everyone let each other just be who they are with no judgement. A lot of people were crowd surfing. One by everyone went in. Some even dived from the stage where the band was and got the chance to sing through the mic if they wanted to when Jordan handed over his mic. This was a concert where it’s not only about the band, but its about the fans as well.

For more pictures from the concert, head over to our Facebook Page!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Colin from Impact Entertainment Group for the invitation. 

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