Punk’s not Dead!

The Godfather of Punk is back! Still rocking better than ever, New Found Glory is back with their new album Resurrection. Inspired by taking everything positive out of the triumph they have gone through, the new album is definitely carries a lot of value to them. It’s been three years since Steve left and eight years since their show here. Nevertheless, it does not stop these four boys to keep doing what they love doing and still live their dream.

Started out from when Chad and Jordan were in high school and Ian was selling bagels, all they wanted to do is play. Having big hopes and dreams for the band, Ian has pushed them to where they are today even after Steve left. All that matters is, these three friends want to be on stage and love doing what they do. In the end, the music speaks for itself and sometimes change isn’t that bad with a lot of room for new things to come. A band is only fun playing if they want to play, and they’re there not for the wrong reasons. New Found Glory is New Found Glory. They’re their own subject. With many bands changing their sound, it’s good to know that the band has their own identity and planning to evolve their sound as a band as compared to recreating someone else’s sound.

Despite the things people put them through, they’re still playing. We also foresee a collaboration between New Found Glory and Paramore now that Chad’s engage with Hayley Williams! They have yet to release more new music and more tours for the fans. A band that could still be punk rock and don’t do drugs, they started out from Jordan’s mum selling their first EP at work, and keeping their seventy bucks till the end up here. Catch New Found Glory tonight at SCAPE, The Ground Theatre!

Thank you Colin for Impact Live Asia for coordinating the interview and New Found Glory for the interview.  

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