Chiodos Live in Singapore 2015

It was no doubt an epic weekend for local fans of American’s post-hardcore band – Chiodos as the band finally made their first live debut in Singapore last Sunday!

Before Chiodos graced the stage, it was up to local band, Villes to hype up the crowd and they sure did a great job on that! Villes is no foreign band for followers of Singapore’s post-hardcore music scene. Ever since their formation in 2011, the quintet has performed various gigs both locally and overseas. Kicking off the night with Dead End, they rocked the crowd with all of their originals from their EP “I’ve Seen The World” and ended their stage with their newest single “City Of Gold”.

Credits: Dawn Chua

As soon as Villes completed their opening stage, the crowd knew that the time is nearing. It is time for the band that they have been waiting for in unison to make their first appearance. Cheers amplified as the band members came out one by one and from then on, it was pure madness! As soon as lead singer, Craig Owens grabbed on the mic, everything else break loose.

Their gig started off with “The Undertakers Thirst For Revenge” off their album “Bone Palace Ballet”. Let me tell you, Craig Owens voice is just magical. The way he sings every song is just magical!

Credits: Alvin Ho

High notes were on point and every scream spot on! In total, they did a 12 song set list with songs ranging from their first album, All’s Well That Ends Well to their latest album Devil which was released last year. The highlight of the night?

Credits: Dawn Chua

Their closing act. When they played their last song “Baby, You wouldn’t last a minute on the creek”, it was heaven. The crowd literally went crazy! Having debuted in 2005 and undergone numerous line-up changes, I’m really glad Chiodos continues to press on and releasing great music for post-hardcore lovers!

If I ever get to see Chiodos again, I would with no doubt at all go.

Photo Credits: Alvin Ho and Dawn Chua

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