Getting to know: Hanging Up The Moon

Ahead of the Laneway Festival happening this Saturday at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, we got to know one of the two Singaporean bands performing, a little better.

Hanging Up The moon had its humble beginnings as a solo project by Sean Lam when he was trying to get back into songwriting.

Back then, due to family commitments and his day job he was only able to record music late at night, hence giving rise to the name Hanging Up The Moon. The project has since grown into a 5-piece band which also includes Alexius Cai, Dean Aziz, Leslie Low, Victor Low.

Sean expresses that songwriting has always been a coping mechanism for him. He explains that while his songwriting could be based on a series of observations, it is more often that not life experiences that tend to inspire him.

When Hanging Up The Moon released their second album “The Biggest Lie In The World”, they launched it at the Esplanade with an intimate performance and Sean considers this to be a highlight for the band to date.

If there was a dish that Hanging Up The Moon’s sound could be represented by, it would be half boiled eggs. Why, you ask? Sean justifies this comparison with the fact that their music sounds ‘raw’, and that the egg happens to kind of look like a moon.

While he isn’t able to predict the future of the Singapore music scene, it is Sean’s hope that musicians will continue to be inspired and create despite what the odds of succeeding are.

On the topic of the upcoming Laneway Festival, Sean admits that while he felt honoured to have been invited to perform, he was also a little apprehensive at the same time as he was unsure about how the style of Hanging Up The Moon’s music would fit into the lineup. Having been more accustomed to intimate settings, this would be a brand new experience for the band. With that being said, they are looking forward to putting up a good show and having fun on the day itself.

<p><a href=”″>Tiny Movements – Hanging Up The Moon</a> from <a href=””>Plate Interactive</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Hanging Up The Moon will be playing songs from their current album, as well as, some new tunes from their upcoming one. Sean suggests finding a good spot to sit or lay down and just chill out to their mellow tunes. Who knows, you might just be lucky enough to catch the sunset!

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