Pvris – White Noise Album Review

Pvris (Pronounce as Paris) was formed on 2012 with Lyndsey (Lynn), Alex and Brian. They were signed to Rise Records last year and dropped a single St. Patrick and were receive with good reviews everywhere. Few months forward they finally released their debut album in November.

Don’t be fool by their electronic influence in the new album as they will still stick to their rock roots. They may experiment with electronics but, this album will still rock your face off. Like critics says, rock never dies.

The album was produced by Blake Harnage (Form the band Versa) and can I just say it was well produced and every single track is amazing. We can definitely hear some Versa influence in it but still every track in this album show how versatile Pvris can be.

Some tracks that you guys need to check are, St. Patrick, Smoke, My House and Ghost. These tracks really show why they are the band you need to check out in 2015. It really shows how well this band have grown up and out of their heavy influence in their EP.

Another notable tracks that are worth checking out are White Noise and Mirrors. This album isn’t all about the fast pace songs. These two songs show they can slow things down and still come out strong.

There are some slow paced songs that will give you chills when you listen to it.

If you need new songs and you love Tonight Alive, Paramore and We Are The In Crowd, then this album is for you!

Check them out! Their debut album White Noise is out on iTunes.

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