An Afternoon with Jonas & Anton

Earlier this month, Sweden duo, Jonas Peker and Anton Hagman were in Singapore for Youth Sensation Global Tour. This is their first time playing in Singapore. The Fifth Parlour got the opportunity to get to know the boys better. Before the interview, we were treated to a beautiful rendition of one of Sam Smith’s song and the process of recording a video. I will not reveal much, you have got to wait till next month when the video is out. Throughout the few hours of watching them filming, I have learnt there is more to singing in front of the camera. There are a lot of retakes just to get the perfect four minutes video. Kudos to YouTubers out there! At only 16, Jonas and Anton have been together as a duo for only six months. They were brought together by their record company and have since became close friends. They are so close to the extent that they wake each other up. “He’s really annoying in the morning because I have to wake him up and he’s like wait, one minute,” said Anton. Jonas was quick to add on that when he doesn’t wakes up, Anton would pour water on him! Now, the boys are known by JA, both their initials. Soon, the boys will be not be known as JA as they are in the midst of changing their names and have sought help from their wonderful fans. We will have to wait till 2015 to find out! Last October, JA has released their debut EP, To Be Announced.  The EP consists mostly of originals and a few covers. One of the songs, Another Day Tomorrow, was written by Jonas. Out of all the songs in the EP, Anton and Jonas favourite is All Is True because it evokes emotions which is what they wanted to bring out in a song. “It is a powerful song,” added Anton. At only 16, the boys were lucky that they were discovered at an early age by a music label. Not only that, they were also invited by producers to audition for the UK X Factors. “We didn’t know that we were invited until two days before we left,” shared Anton. It was really a fun experience since it was their first time travelling together.

So what is next for JA?

The boys are looking forward to play a show on New Year’s Eve which will be televised on television. Swedish fans are in for a treat! If you’re thinking of giving JA a quick listen, you should check out their cover of Don’t or Try as recommended by both Jonas and Anton.

I’m sure we will be hearing their songs soon on our local radio! Keep updated of JA happenings by following them on Twitter and Instagram and like their Facebook Page. The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Anton and Jonas for the interview, Karin from 100 songs and Raymond from Phios Entertainment for coordinating the interview. 

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