Jedward is back with Ferocious

It has been a while since we have heard of these Irish twins.

Jedward consists of John and Edward Grimes and they are now back with a new single from their fourth album. Titled Ferocious, this single was written and produced by the duo. This song is inspired by letters the twins received from fans where they shared about the difficulties they faced such as bullying and deception.

As an advocate to anti-bullying, the twin hopes that by listening to this song, people know that they are not alone and reach out to those experiencing the difficulties. “It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or an adult you will find negativity around you, we created a song to overcome that and evoke your emotions that you are bigger than life and to help you communicate your feelings” said John Grimes.

The single is now available for download on iTunes and the music video starring American Pie and Sharknado star, Tara Reid will be out soon on Vevo!

Life is never easy
Don’t ever pack it in
Deal with all the highs and lows
Don’t let them say you can’t
You’ve come out of the dark
Found the courage within
Now I know for a fact
I can face anything

I’m in love with their lyrics because I can relate to it. Growing up, I’m sure you have faced situations where you were told that you were not good enough for something. However, I’m not sure if I like the song though. I feel this song needs to pack more punch as it is afterall about overcoming bullying.

Nonetheless it is still a commendable track that their avid fans will enjoy.

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